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Full-Time Writers

3o7o_6fi7qc-yiqun-tang-1My name is Beautiful Blackwater. I am seventeen years old, homeschooled, and in my senior year of high school. More importantly, though, I am a writer. I am highly empathetic. I am a follower of Christ.

I chose my name because it embodies my purpose here. “Blackwater” is a reference to one of my favorite series, Nadine Brandes’ Out of Time. It’s the story of Parvin Blackwater, a girl who spent the first seventeen years of her life doing nothing, wasting her time away. It’s the story of how she, through God’s power, broke out of her stagnancy and changed the world, fighting for peace and unity.

Her story resonates with me because it parallels my own. I’ve spent a lot of time wasting my life, and now I’m trying my hardest to do something with it. I am here on this blog because I want to offer hope to anyone who strays this way. I am here because I want to break down the walls built between me and others, to get to know them, their story, how they see the world, and share my point of view with them. I am here because I grew tired of sitting by, watching people lose hope in the face of how very bleak life can be sometimes. I am here because I want to change that. I am here for everyone I meet.

butterfly-emergentI’m Butterfly Emergent, a goofball with an obsession with butterflies and dragons. I’ve spent most of my life being smothered in a cocoon forced on me by myself and by others around me, and now I’m learning to fly and be radiant.

Draconic Ally.pngI’m Draconic Ally. I’m a writer, artist, and fangirl. I like to read a ton, mostly fantasy and sci-fi. I’m homeschooled and (I like to think) mature for my age. My name is inspired by two main factors: the last part, because though I may not be affected by movements like LGBTQA+ acceptance and equal rights for all races, I’d still like to stand by them, because we’re all created equal; and the former part, because I’ve been obsessed with dragons for a long time. I have strong and diverse views, depending on the issue.

Bulletproof's Bullet.jpg

‘Tis a pleasure to meet you, I am Bulletproof. In both pen name and symbol, my goal in life is to be impossible to shoot down. I dare those who wish to try, to pull the trigger and see what happens. But I assure you, failure is the only thing to follow.
I am twenty-one and graduated college with an English degree and Honors in ’16. Prior to that, I attended college through an early college program after testing out of high school, and graduated as Valedictorian in ’15. Being a writer to my core, I have penned far over a million words in the last year and wish to seek publication soon. My heart strings are those of a violin, my paint brush is one with the stars, my life is dedicated to love, and my greatest belief is placed in Happily Ever After.

My wish in coming here is to help show that no matter how the universe has penned your story, you are in charge and can turn tragedy into triumph. A clinical Schizophrenic, I’m still grappling with my disorder. I fell to it very recently, and for other medical reasons, cannot be medicated. Join me on this psychosis riddled journey of being cursed with the illusion of high functionality.

A proud Slytherin and member of The Church of Satan, those like me are often portrayed as the villain. Though, I’m here to show you just how relatable an Anti-Hero can be. Unprovoked judgment isn’t in my vocabulary, love is my forte, and I will always be an ally. So please, don’t be afraid to reach out to me. ❤

Mohare Dalamira.jpg

I’m Mohare Dalamira.
That’s Arabic for, “Warrior Princess”.
I find it fitting for me because throughout all my struggles I’ve wanted someone to be hero and save me, only to realise that it’s up to me to lift up the sword and be my own hero.
Other “fun” facts?
I’m a writer with a severe addiction to writing, arts and crafts, and food. I love helping others, making new friends, and am currently in the midst of learning new things about myself and my religion.
PS. I’m not actually an Arab. Islam just uses Arabic a lot 😉


Hi there! I’m Moondancer- a moon-obsessed writer, music lover and Christian.

I chose my name because, to me, the moon represents a lot. As a university student studying literature, I have a love affair with symbolism. The moon with its soothing and peaceful light has represented many things over time: clarity and purity, protection and secrets, kindness and brilliance, and even immortality, eternity and the rhythms of time itself.

Chinese author Deng Ming-Dao said: “The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.” I think that says it for me.

Dancer added on to Moon brings up a beautiful picture in my mind; whimsical and magical. Dancing is another of my passions, albeit a fairly recent endeavour of mine. Dancing, to me, is freedom. When the music turns on and I start to move, the whole world disappears. All my pain and worries fade away and, even if just for a second, I am completely free, lost in the music and the rhythm. I don’t have to think; I just dance.

If I had to describe the ‘essence’ of who I was in just a few words I would say hope and positivity. I try to find the light in every situation, no matter how dark.

I joined this blog because I think our message is an important one. I want to be able to spread hope, love and encouragement to people who haven’t been given enough of it. Everyone deserves to have hope and everyone deserves to be loved.

Know you are not alone,

Love Moondancer.


I’m Neverland, a lost girl who’s still waiting for Peter Pan to show up at my window. In the last several months, I’ve been diagnosed with EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified), chronic depression and general anxiety disorder. I’m a Christian, feminist, first generation immigrant, aspiring author and obsessed reader. I’m usually saving the world with my ninja skills, studying engineering or attempting to learn French. Or sleeping. Probably sleeping.


I am bones and beginnings. I am the spiral of bleached death, naked skeleton, soul-fled. Sometimes. Sometimes I am grandeur and distraction and memory, as well. There’s room enough inside my rib walls for everyone’s death-made-into-morbid-beauty-art. Call me Ossuary.


Hello, I’m Peace Will Win. I’m 19 years old but most days I feel much older. I got married a few years ago, and I have anxiety. My biggest goal for 2017 is to stop letting my anxiety drain the joy and beauty from my life.

Priceless Tree Dweller.jpg Hello, world. My name is Priceless Tree Dweller. At this moment in time, I’m a word-loving, star-gazing, tree-dwelling dreamer – and it’s so lovely to meet you! I enjoy capturing moments through my camera lens, learning about anything and everything, pursuing my faith in Jesus, and scribbling about my 16 years worth of experience. Time for some real and honest-to-goodness truth: I’m human. 101%. It’s wonderful and horrible at the same time. I have good days and bad days. The bad days generally come more often than the good days. But that’s okay. Because if it weren’t for the good days, I wouldn’t have bad days. And if it weren’t for the bad days, I wouldn’t have good days. I’d just have days. Endless days. The bad days build character and remind me of the things that I have that are worth fighting for, all of which would be meaningless without the knowledge that the Maker of the stars fights daily for my heart. The good days make fighting through the bad days (weeks, months, years) worth it. And that brings me to why I’m here. I want to remind you, especially on the bad days, that your worst day only lasts 24 hours. One of my favorite pinterest-y quote goes something like, “put your hair up in a bun, drink some coffee, and handle it.” It makes me laugh because it’s so inherently true. When life throws something hard at you, all you can really do is try to handle it as best as you can. Which isn’t easy. So. If you read that novel I left for you up there, in summary, what I hope to do for you is this: I hope to help you see your worth. That you are a fearfully and wonderfully made person, who deserves to be loved and treated with respect. And I also hope to offer little tidbits of truth, to help show you that the good days make the bad days worth fighting through.

Ruby Dandelion.jpg

Hey guys! I’m Ruby. I’m sixteen (and a half;) and i just graduated high school last year. I have been writing since I was ten, and I’ve always loved it. I also do calligraphy and photography! The reason I’ll call myself Ruby on here is because of Proverbs 31:10, which is one of my very favorite bible verses! I hope that what I have to say to you all will help you with whatever your going through. I know life can get you down, and it’s never easy to get back up, but I hope that we can somehow help you stand. We are all here to help you guys

Sunless Is The Wanderer.jpg

My mind, contrary to popular belief, is quite the complicated piece of equipment. There’s not much to know, that I’m willing to share at least, besides my love of nature and art. Art is my form of expression when I am not writing, yet I think writing itself is a form of art. I write quite a bit in my own style, and my own way. I’m very largely into nature, myths, poetry, animals, people, souls, and human connection. Beyond that, I suppose, all you need to know will bleed out in my writings. Welcome to the mind of The Sunless Wanderer.

Guest Writers

The Vagabond Dreamer -- New.jpg

Plagued by the side effects of PTSD, I lived a life of fear and anxiety, hesitant to leave my own house. I lived each day terrified. I was terrified to go to school and even to go get coffee with my friends. I thought that the problem laid within myself. I thought that my fear was what was ruining my life, when in reality it was the abusive situation I was in. It was sucking the life out of me. I stopped enjoying things that I had always loved such as reading, writing, and social interaction. I had two options: death or leaving. I chose life. I left. Through my fear I chose bravery, and I am here to help you do the same. My name is The Vagabond Dreamer, and I believe you can do it even if no one else does.



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