Hello, I’m Agnostic.

Today I told my father I am an agnostic. To that, he said that technically, by the definition of agnosticism, I've been an agnostic for a long time.  He's right in that department, of course.  I questioned my faith for so long before stepping outside it and accepting this label. Agnostic. It still feels strange. ... Continue Reading →


You Left.

Trigger warning: This post contains an extensive discussion of cheating and divorce as well as several instances of strong language. I remember a time when I stood up for you, mother dear.  You had worked long hours on a concrete floor, and your fibromyalgia had flared up so badly you had collapsed into bed.  I... Continue Reading →


  My fingers bleed words, thin trickles of black ink that drip down and stain blue jeans. I cannot stop, my mind is racing searching grasping in thin air. My throat is dry and cracked. I try to funnel the ink onto paper but it’s too hard to control. The room is dark with the... Continue Reading →

Sit in the sun.

Trigger warning: mentions of depression   Self-care: a poem.   Sit in the sun. Let the warm rays of yellow thaw out your cold bones and melt your frozen heart. Let the light seep into your darkened mind. Let it show you how bright the world can be. Watch as it pierces the shadows. Watch... Continue Reading →

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