rare Neverland, you are rare. sunsets in the mornings and a mermaid scale washed up on purple sands. a mind that doesn't stop, a mind that drives itself to the brink of insanity if you allow it. you watch the skies for peter pan and give your dog more kisses than she can handle, and... Continue Reading →


thoughts for when you want to give up

Sometimes it’s hard to dream, self, when life rubs you raw, when the minute hand leaves gouges in your mind.


Warm water, lapping porcelain. Smooth skin, hot. No soap, just salt, water. Sweat in hair, old nail polish. Dip toes in water, sink to stomach. Wet fingers, dry pages, old story. Wrap arms around legs, lean wobbling chest against thighs, breathe. Stomach rolls. Close eyes, listen to breath fill lungs. Safe. Body and mind, connected... Continue Reading →

Love yourself.

Trigger warning: Mention of depression and suicidal thoughts.  These past few weeks, I've been struggling with a lot of stuff internally. One night, while video chatting, my parents told me, amongst other insightful comments, that even though I poured love into others, I lacked love for myself. I got off the phone later and was... Continue Reading →


Slight TW for mention of self-image issues. If you tell yourself something often enough, you start to believe it. I know this from experience; when I was little, I managed to almost convince myself I was a dragon. This is kind of what happens when you keep bashing on yourself. Over time, you start to... Continue Reading →

Self-care – Part II

Self-care is not a one time deal. It's a set of actions you should be doing regularly, to care for yourself both mentally, physically and emotionally.

Self-care – Part I

“To anyone enduring a depressive episode: it’s okay. You’re not being lazy or selfish. Your productivity doesn’t define or devalue you. You’re coping. You’re doing the best you can, and that’s okay.”

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