E— Loves Z—

I still think about the words on that piece of furniture, Z— loves E—, Or something like that


Ice Chains

No. Child, hush. Bite your tongue and smother your heart under the crowding snowbanks. You should not want, child. You cannot want. You cannot want more than the slice you have been given. CHILD.  Do not presume to speak out. You know nothing. Ice will save you. Ice will freeze you. Frozen child cannot move;... Continue Reading →

Sit in the sun.

Trigger warning: mentions of depression   Self-care: a poem.   Sit in the sun. Let the warm rays of yellow thaw out your cold bones and melt your frozen heart. Let the light seep into your darkened mind. Let it show you how bright the world can be. Watch as it pierces the shadows. Watch... Continue Reading →

I believe in life

My first post on this blog was called Who am I? and having this post being a poem by the same name feels like I've come full circle. And in that time, so much has happened. It is as if I have lived an entire lifetime. I am almost a completely different person now. That... Continue Reading →

Love yourself.

Trigger warning: Mention of depression and suicidal thoughts.  These past few weeks, I've been struggling with a lot of stuff internally. One night, while video chatting, my parents told me, amongst other insightful comments, that even though I poured love into others, I lacked love for myself. I got off the phone later and was... Continue Reading →

Oh, My Soul

My soul is cold. See, I want to rest my head on your shoulder As if you were mine (like nothing is mine), Because I loved hearing my mother’s heart beat— It was evidence that she had one.

i carry your heart

Last night, self, you dreamed he died / Like your heart being scooped out. / You would say that you did not / Know pain before this moment, / But you and pain go way back—


You will end, self; your chapter book pages will shed. But not yet. Don’t live like brittle paper.

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