Sit in the sun.

Trigger warning: mentions of depression   Self-care: a poem.   Sit in the sun. Let the warm rays of yellow thaw out your cold bones and melt your frozen heart. Let the light seep into your darkened mind. Let it show you how bright the world can be. Watch as it pierces the shadows. Watch... Continue Reading →


Independence Day

In America, July Fourth celebrates the day that us misbehaving Colonists decided we'd had enough of being bossed around and unfairly represented, and we were going to be our own bosses now thankyouverymuch.


You probably already know that I love writing.  I've been writing on this blog for several months, using one of my favorite things in the world to show others that they're not alone.  I've been writing in general since I was little, writing my first fanfiction when I was six and my first novel when I was... Continue Reading →

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