You are too kind to the monsters, self, too kind to their sins. They have teeth to eat you up; you feed them tea and crumpets. Do not go with them.


Road Trip

Tires on the road, you are regressing, self, to the self you were before you woke. Nerves taut in your body, nerves snapping. All your atoms, every cell in your brain, pretending death in hopes of safety.

You Are Not There

Trigger Warning: This post contains an extensive discussion of abuse and a moderate discussion of anorexia, as well as a brief mention of pornography and rape. 

Feel the Music in your Soul

Feel the Music in Your Soul I sit down at the piano, my foot moving to the pedal, my fingers placed on top of the keys. The keys are cold but familiar as I play the first note. My eyes flick back and forth between the keys and the music I am reading, note after... Continue Reading →

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