Life Story

He said, tell me about your life, and it was a simple request, self. You had a scripted response, bland and concise, the version without tears.


You Left.

Trigger warning: This post contains an extensive discussion of cheating and divorce as well as several instances of strong language. I remember a time when I stood up for you, mother dear.  You had worked long hours on a concrete floor, and your fibromyalgia had flared up so badly you had collapsed into bed.  I... Continue Reading →

Dear Grandmother

Let me begin by saying, Grandmother, that if you're reading this, I'm sorry.  I asked you to unfollow this blog.  I asked you to step back.  If you're reading this, it's your own fault.  I warned you. But then, maybe you need to read this.  Maybe you need to hear what I have to say. ... Continue Reading →


Trigger warning: The following post contains moderate references to eating disorders, self-harm, and depression. skin hot and heavy tear you off scratch my face until it bleeds half moons tattooed into my back why am i still sick PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HURT ANYMORE we watch diet culture consume live breathe eat stuff faces stop... Continue Reading →


I've been called many things...   weak. stupid. fragile. pathetic. overemotional.     I've been all of those things. I don't argue when people give me those labels.   But I'm learning to accept new names. New labels. To embrace more words that capture my being.   Badass pixie. Butterfly. Wonder Woman. Strong. Capable. Enough.... Continue Reading →

Sit in the sun.

Trigger warning: mentions of depression   Self-care: a poem.   Sit in the sun. Let the warm rays of yellow thaw out your cold bones and melt your frozen heart. Let the light seep into your darkened mind. Let it show you how bright the world can be. Watch as it pierces the shadows. Watch... Continue Reading →

I believe in life

My first post on this blog was called Who am I? and having this post being a poem by the same name feels like I've come full circle. And in that time, so much has happened. It is as if I have lived an entire lifetime. I am almost a completely different person now. That... Continue Reading →

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