But is it love?

Trigger warning: moderate discussion of anxiety, depression and self-harm. A lot has happened in my life over the last two weeks. The major one was that I entered into a relationship with someone. My first boyfriend. We went on a date and it was wonderful. We had great conversations and a lot of fun, and... Continue Reading →



If you saw my mother and me out in public, you likely wouldn't see us and think, "What a nice mother and daughter."  No, you'd probably see us and label us "friends" or "sisters."  See, she's forty, but she can still pass for being in her twenties, and I'm sixteen and can also pass for being... Continue Reading →

Fear will Lose

Trigger warning: This post contains a brief mention of anxiety and minor depression. Is anyone else having a hard time believing that it is already March? This year is flying by, and like many of you I made some goals for myself

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