Nerd Girl

Trigger warning: The following post contains brief references to anorexia, low self-esteem and bullying.  Nerd Girl, they call me. Wobbly knees, scraped palms, paper cuts. Ink and glue and dusty paper. Pretentious, they say. No one cares, they say. Say it to my face. Whispers wrapped in delicate lace. Frills tighten around my neck. Blue... Continue Reading →


E— Loves Z—

I still think about the words on that piece of furniture, Z— loves E—, Or something like that


  My fingers bleed words, thin trickles of black ink that drip down and stain blue jeans. I cannot stop, my mind is racing searching grasping in thin air. My throat is dry and cracked. I try to funnel the ink onto paper but it’s too hard to control. The room is dark with the... Continue Reading →



i somehow always find myself stuck somewhere between child and corpse. there are days where the sunlight tickles my eyelashes, dances across my cheeks, and i flit around, giddy in spite of myself. there are days where i cannot distinguish the light switch from a trigger, and i pull it just to see if i... Continue Reading →



Trigger warning: The following post contains moderate references to eating disorders, self-harm, and depression. skin hot and heavy tear you off scratch my face until it bleeds half moons tattooed into my back why am i still sick PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HURT ANYMORE we watch diet culture consume live breathe eat stuff faces stop... Continue Reading →


Your Life Is A Trust Fall

Trigger warning: This post contains an extensive discussion of anxiety.


Now I will speak

Face me, I tell you, This is all I wanted: Shatter your words over your own head; they were yours.



Trigger warning: this post contains an extensive discussion fo depersonalisation disorder I think I'm floating. Strings of white light, hold me down, keep me tethered. Numb fingers (are they mine?) type at a keyboard while I watch from afar (though I don't know who I am). Fuzzy head, fuzzy head, my mind about two inches... Continue Reading →


Fire Inside Me.

Trigger warning: Extensive discussion of anxiety and panic attacks.    It burns deeps within me, a fire smouldering in my gut. It eats at my mind, at my patience, feeding on my worries, embers turning to bonfires. It grows up inside me, overwhelming, overtaking. This burning, unsettling, sickening fire in my stomach. Anxiety. The molehills... Continue Reading →


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