Rainy Mornings

Old men with their coffees, and me thinking, if you had bought a size larger, your total might have come to eight dollars, or maybe that’s just me



fragments of myself coalescing, bitter black tar sliding down the back of my throat. i guess this is when i should start compartmentalising. lock the pieces i dont want to inspect in seperate rooms in my skull and misplace the key. its late (early?) for me, and i know something is wrong because the music... Continue Reading →

Radioactive Gold

I drift into the infinite space between us, as if the skies and seas turned inside out and enfolded me. My breath turns sour in my mouth. They taste like your words laced with gold, but now that they have settled in my grimy bones I realise it is not gold after all but radioactive... Continue Reading →


i am weary. i, lower case 'i', because you made me lower case. There was a secret i had, a secret that i wanted to let you in on. It was hard, of course. Many of my friends knew that i wasn't like the other kids, that not only did i not swing that way... Continue Reading →

for when the empathy is too much

i've heard of these people, sociopaths. they don't feel like you or i, they cannot experience the empathy that allows you to peer into another person's soul, to share the sadness in your chest without exchanging a coffee-ladened breath. i am not a sociopath. my empathy does not taste of coffee beans; it tastes of... Continue Reading →


no matter what else happens now, i don't want you to go. i spent so long staring at your shadow that now it's hard to tell the difference between here and gone, so i scratch at my skin until your fingers slip between mine in the dark. i looked for you in everything. there wasn't... Continue Reading →

Four Eyes

In the aftermath, self, trace the calendar with your memory, mark off the days. January, you were miserable. No need to sweeten this for you; you have too many cavities already. Unseen, unreachable. Worst year in a string of worst years.

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