Dirty Laundry

Warning: This post contains a brief discussion of suicidal ideation and an extensive discussion of unwanted sexual attention.


Crash. Burn.

Didn't see that coming. Oh well. Try again next time. Next life. Next time I am something. The end. This is just a blank wall that I'm staring at, wondering what it means. What is this. Why. She screamed, you know. It hurt. Ripped me in two pieces, two halves of an infant child floating... Continue Reading →

Perfect World

Perhaps you've thought of a perfect world, painted it in your head and wished you could live in it from time to time. While I'm sure you and I are very different people, I'm willing to bet our perfect worlds aren't all that different.

i don’t know

someone help me please someone help me because i can’t think straight anymore pieces of my soul break away break apart pain clouds my mind and i don’t know what’s real and what’s a lie someone help me because the things i used to be sure of i’m not what surety can there be when... Continue Reading →


Trigger warning: The following post contains brief mentions of depression and anorexia.  The first time I realised I looked old, I was eighteen years, seven months, twenty-four days and about sixteen hours old. I couldn't tell you the exact time, of course. I think the doctors, nurses and my mother were a little preoccupied when... Continue Reading →


How do you excise the bitterness, self, he left you for safekeeping? Somehow, when he disappeared, all his anger stayed, became yours through osmosis.


Hello, friend.  It's been a long time, hasn't it? I can't offer many good excuses for my disappearance.  The best I can come up with is simply that I ran out of things to say.  My life was pretty smooth around the time I left, and that doesn't make for good material for a blog... Continue Reading →


I am the ocean of myself. I am the crashing tides that break against the harsh rocks that line the shore of this place. I am the ocean that brings sand, piece by piece, wearing down the idea that I am not. I am here. And it is wise to be afraid of an ocean... Continue Reading →

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