Oh, My Soul

My soul is cold. See, I want to rest my head on your shoulder As if you were mine (like nothing is mine), Because I loved hearing my mother’s heart beat— It was evidence that she had one.

Dear Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,   How long has it been since we spoke? 189 days. What a ridiculous number that is, staring me in the face. My life has totally changed in that time, Best Friend, but no matter what changes one thing never has. I think about you every day, I miss you every day,... Continue Reading →

In Defense Of Boys

I'm so disheartened and horrified by all the places and people I see promoting the idea that boys, especially teenage boys, are slimy scum just waiting to mess with the innocent girls who pass their way. It's not just the media, it's not just Facebook and Tumblr. I hear this from people around me. I hear this from parents of boys. I hear this from parents of girls. I hear this in church, I hear this at boys' groups, I hear this at girls' groups. I read this in books and see it in movies. As a innocent girl who fell into one boy's trap, I feel like I have the right to say this: Not all boys are like that.


He arrives home from work still wearing his grease covered uniform, having completed yet another long day working underneath a tractor trailer.  He isn't smiling, but I know that's from the fatigue.  He works so hard to take care of Precious and me.  We both greet him as he heads to the dining room table... Continue Reading →


Slight TW for mention of self-image issues. If you tell yourself something often enough, you start to believe it. I know this from experience; when I was little, I managed to almost convince myself I was a dragon. This is kind of what happens when you keep bashing on yourself. Over time, you start to... Continue Reading →

Dear Future Husband: Part II

The third thing in which I must warn you, is of my need to heal. I will put bandages over your raw and bloody knuckles and hold your fingertips in the palm of my hand to kiss your knuckles so gently that you hardly notice that my lips are there at all. I will pick... Continue Reading →

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