Road Trip

Tires on the road, you are regressing, self, to the self you were before you woke. Nerves taut in your body, nerves snapping. All your atoms, every cell in your brain, pretending death in hopes of safety.


Ice Chains

No. Child, hush. Bite your tongue and smother your heart under the crowding snowbanks. You should not want, child. You cannot want. You cannot want more than the slice you have been given. CHILD.  Do not presume to speak out. You know nothing. Ice will save you. Ice will freeze you. Frozen child cannot move;... Continue Reading →

P. S. I miss you

Trigger warning: the following contains extensive discussion of anorexia. Dear Ana, I can't stop thinking about you, darling. It's been a whole six months since we were properly together, and since then I've only seen you in bursts of colour and dripping blades. You and I, we were meant to be. I lay awake at... Continue Reading →


I've been called many things...   weak. stupid. fragile. pathetic. overemotional.     I've been all of those things. I don't argue when people give me those labels.   But I'm learning to accept new names. New labels. To embrace more words that capture my being.   Badass pixie. Butterfly. Wonder Woman. Strong. Capable. Enough.... Continue Reading →

When I’m Alone

Trigger Warning: Moderate Discussion of Sexual Abuse I know a lot about being scared. I spent most (or all) of my life living in some form of fear - fear of making people unhappy, fear of doing something wrong, fear of people deciding they didn't love me anymore. Fear that I was going to mess up so badly that no one would want me anymore.

Fight the storm.

Trigger warning: discussion of suicidal ideation. Life’s hard. It’s true. But when life throws storms at us, we have two decisions we can make. We can either bend with the storm and let it wash us away. Or we can plant our feet and hold our ground.


Trigger warning: This post contains an extensive discussion of rape and an extensive discussion of despair/depression. 

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