Our Purpose

You are not alone.

~Love, Anonymous.

We are here to prove these things to you: that you are not alone and that you are loved.

We know what it is like to feel alone and unloved.  It’s beyond hard — it’s horrible.  It’s heartbreaking.  And we believe no one should ever have to feel that way.

We write these posts simply for that purpose.  We write our experiences, our thoughts, and our feelings in the hope that you will see that you are not the only one who thinks and feels the way you do.

We strive to be as perfectly open and honest as we can be.  We’ve chosen to use pen names to promote this honesty.  It is much easier to speak the perfectly honest truth about our lives when our faces and names are not attached to that truth.  By taking up these new names, we hope to convey the essences of our beings as fully as we can.

We are a diverse group.  Anyone who reads our biographies knows that.  Our diversity, however, only makes us stronger.  It makes us better able to relate to others, helps us understand life as others understand it, and helps us dispel each others’ loneliness.  Because, as much as we are here to combat your loneliness, we struggle with our own as well.

Even though this is just one of many millions of blogs on the internet, it is a place in and of itself.  It is a place of respect.  It is a place of community.  It is a place of rest.  It is a place of hope.  We welcome you here.


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