beautiful messy curls

I wait watch bent knees sidelong glance at life beautiful messy curls that's me, isn't it? Tipsy turvy curvy drunk on too much purple dye. You asked me to spell forever. I laughed and wrapped my hair around my neck to try and yank the vines out by the roots but they're wrapped around my... Continue Reading →


A Thank You Note

Dear Friend, The whole point of this blog is to allow me to say the things I can't say out loud. And... I have some things to say. First of all, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you've had to deal with me. I've been a horrible mess for the last month, and I'm only starting to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Say I Told You So

I swear, if you say it again... I know you told me. I know. I know. I know. But that doesn't fix anything, does it? I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted. I'm sorry I'm weak. I'm sorry I don't function the way you want, the way you expect. I'm sorry I've been broken. I'm... Continue Reading →

Dear Grandmother

Let me begin by saying, Grandmother, that if you're reading this, I'm sorry.  I asked you to unfollow this blog.  I asked you to step back.  If you're reading this, it's your own fault.  I warned you. But then, maybe you need to read this.  Maybe you need to hear what I have to say. ... Continue Reading →

Crash. Burn.

Didn't see that coming. Oh well. Try again next time. Next life. Next time I am something. The end. This is just a blank wall that I'm staring at, wondering what it means. What is this. Why. She screamed, you know. It hurt. Ripped me in two pieces, two halves of an infant child floating... Continue Reading →


Hello, friend.  It's been a long time, hasn't it? I can't offer many good excuses for my disappearance.  The best I can come up with is simply that I ran out of things to say.  My life was pretty smooth around the time I left, and that doesn't make for good material for a blog... Continue Reading →


I am the ocean of myself. I am the crashing tides that break against the harsh rocks that line the shore of this place. I am the ocean that brings sand, piece by piece, wearing down the idea that I am not. I am here. And it is wise to be afraid of an ocean... Continue Reading →

november second

i don't know how to pull you back to me. if i did, i'd never have let you get so far away. it feels like there are oceans between us, and by this, i mean, every body of water labeled "ocean" stretches its arms out from me to you, and even the tide isn't enough... Continue Reading →


  My fingers bleed words, thin trickles of black ink that drip down and stain blue jeans. I cannot stop, my mind is racing searching grasping in thin air. My throat is dry and cracked. I try to funnel the ink onto paper but it’s too hard to control. The room is dark with the... Continue Reading →

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