Hello, I’m Agnostic.

Today I told my father I am an agnostic. To that, he said that technically, by the definition of agnosticism, I've been an agnostic for a long time.  He's right in that department, of course.  I questioned my faith for so long before stepping outside it and accepting this label. Agnostic. It still feels strange. ... Continue Reading →


Dear Grandmother

Let me begin by saying, Grandmother, that if you're reading this, I'm sorry.  I asked you to unfollow this blog.  I asked you to step back.  If you're reading this, it's your own fault.  I warned you. But then, maybe you need to read this.  Maybe you need to hear what I have to say. ... Continue Reading →

Caterpillar, Cocooned

Dear small child I once was, Here are things I wish I could have told you and I didn't know how to say. I didn't know I would need to say. Here are things that maybe someone outside of us should have said and didn't. Here are things that I know now, and you are only just learning, small child. 

I Can’t Breathe

Trigger warning: heavy discussion of emotional and sexual abuse I can't breathe. Please don't hurt me again, please, please don't yell. Please just pretend I don't exist...  I can't breathe. I'M SORRY--

Love yourself.

Trigger warning: Mention of depression and suicidal thoughts.  These past few weeks, I've been struggling with a lot of stuff internally. One night, while video chatting, my parents told me, amongst other insightful comments, that even though I poured love into others, I lacked love for myself. I got off the phone later and was... Continue Reading →

Dear Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,   How long has it been since we spoke? 189 days. What a ridiculous number that is, staring me in the face. My life has totally changed in that time, Best Friend, but no matter what changes one thing never has. I think about you every day, I miss you every day,... Continue Reading →

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