Dear You.

Trigger Warning: brief mentions of the following things - stress, anxiety, being abandoned, eating disorders, abuse, sexual abuse, self harm, bullying, and mental illness. Dear You, Yes, you. You sitting there in front of your computer screen reading these words right at this moment in time. I have a message for you. It's short. It's... Continue Reading →


Excuse us while we scream at the sky

Trigger warning: This post contains a moderate discussion of anxious thoughts. They are only in the second half. There will be another warning before they start in case you want to read the first part. A couple of months ago I got to go to a Twenty One Pilots concert


Stress clings to my mind like rubble to my skin.  It is caked on with sweat.  My muscles tense beneath it as it sinks its minuscule teeth into my flesh.  Anything I touch, even the air makes me cringe away.  My mind screams.  It's too much, too much.  The Stress clings to my mind like... Continue Reading →

Write Something

Hello, in my effort to learn how to control my anxiety (well, as much as one can), I’ve been trying different crafts and hobbies. Here are a few that have helped me some.

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