Four Eyes

In the aftermath, self, trace the calendar with your memory, mark off the days. January, you were miserable. No need to sweeten this for you; you have too many cavities already. Unseen, unreachable. Worst year in a string of worst years.


Ice Chains

No. Child, hush. Bite your tongue and smother your heart under the crowding snowbanks. You should not want, child. You cannot want. You cannot want more than the slice you have been given. CHILD.  Do not presume to speak out. You know nothing. Ice will save you. Ice will freeze you. Frozen child cannot move;... Continue Reading →

I believe in life

My first post on this blog was called Who am I? and having this post being a poem by the same name feels like I've come full circle. And in that time, so much has happened. It is as if I have lived an entire lifetime. I am almost a completely different person now. That... Continue Reading →

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