trigger warning: brief mentions of suicide, anxiety, and depression.   i thought of you today. my entire body went rigid with the picture of you in my mind, and i couldn't tell if you were actually in front of me or not. the braids in my hair weighed me down as though you were pulling on... Continue Reading →

Hope is a s’more

The heat from the fire warms my cold toes, burns my skin until I pull back into the safety  of the shadows. Back and forth, back and forth. Burning, cold, burning, cold. I can't seem to find a happy medium, but for some reason I don't mind. I'm sitting in a circle around the glowing... Continue Reading →

Just around the corner

Trigger warning: Mention of suicide, anxiety and depression. Tonight, my flat and I went out for dinner. We went to a cute boutique food court in the centre of town and had a lovely evening. When it came to having dessert, the churro machine at the place we had chosen to eat had broken the... Continue Reading →

You Are Not There

Trigger Warning: This post contains an extensive discussion of abuse and a moderate discussion of anorexia, as well as a brief mention of pornography and rape. 

13 Reasons Why I’m Happy

Trigger Warning: Brief mention of suicide Recently the Netflix Original, "Thirteen Reasons Why" has garnered a lot of attention for its story of the reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself.  Personally, I haven't watched the series, but I am considering doing so at some point.  But not long after it gained such attention, I came... Continue Reading →

Special and Unique

Recently, I was feeling kind of down. I feel like my demographic is represented already in other people, and I'm a bit redundant. I didn't feel needed or particularly wanted. I made a post briefly describing these feelings on social media, breaking a description of myself down to a sentence or two. I figured that... Continue Reading →

Love yourself.

Trigger warning: Mention of depression and suicidal thoughts.  These past few weeks, I've been struggling with a lot of stuff internally. One night, while video chatting, my parents told me, amongst other insightful comments, that even though I poured love into others, I lacked love for myself. I got off the phone later and was... Continue Reading →

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