Trigger Warning: This post contains an extensive discussion of death. 



Dearest I know it hurts. Everything hurts. Wars of pain rage inside your mind And it just doesn't seem to stop. It never stops. Every inch of your soul aches And you just can't get anything inside To quiet down. I know. I know because Really That's how pain is. And true Some pain is... Continue Reading →

Needed and Wanted

TW: feelings of uselessness. You are not useless. My computer recently broke slightly, and I can't get on some sites. My mom, while trying to calm me down, told me that it wouldn't matter in the long run if I couldn't talk to or help my friends in a certain game. She was trying to... Continue Reading →

Think nothing of it, he says

You're too young, he says. Breaking bones and scrapes and falls and pine needles in your palms, maybe when you're older. He lets the brother climb down to the waterfall, younger than you. Too young, he says, but the brother isn't. Clean that up, he says. The brother struggles lift the heavy mattress, too big... Continue Reading →

It is not the answer.

Trigger warning: This post contains an extensive discussion of self-harm and depression. While I was searching for what I wanted to say this week, I found a piece of writing within my collection, a piece written in one of my worse moments. But within it I found what I wanted to speak about and I... Continue Reading →

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