Emus and kangaroos

I'm sitting in the university gym, my feet swinging aimlessly beneath my chair. The ceiling is probably higher than any of the buildings, including the apartment buildings, in my small town back home. Bleachers run from the floor up and up and up and up until there are enough chairs to seat the five-hundred-odd newbie... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Through The Night.

Trigger Warning: Mention of Eating Disorders. The other night, I was listening to Pandora Radio and a song came up that caught my attention. Courage by Superchick. If you read my last post, you will know that music means a lot to me. Songs, especially ones with powerful messages, just resonate with me so much and they often express how I feel when I don’t know what to say. This particular song deals with eating disorders and self-image. While I do not personally struggle with these things, I feel for all those who do. Even so, the words struck a chord in my heart. I often listen to songs without really listening to the messages they are declaring, but I am glad I listened to this one. The message is the one that we are saying: you are not alone...

Dear Mariah

Dear Mariah, Yesterday I was sitting in the bathroom stall at Big Lots, scrolling through Facebook when I heard you step into the bathroom, crying.  At once I worried what was wrong, my mind flitting over what it could possibly be.  I hurried out, careful to make it not seem like I was rushing, and... Continue Reading →

Don’t Trust a Perfect Person

Chances are if you are on social media there is someone out there you compare yourself to. Maybe it's a blogger with more followers than you or someone on Instagram who is always #flawless. Maybe it's someone in a Facebook group who seems to have more friends on there, or maybe it's someone who seems... Continue Reading →

Dear Future Husband: Part I

Dear Future Husband,                       I am writing now, as young as I am, to forewarn you of many things. The first of many things that I wish to warn you of, is my ever wandering mind. There are days that I am content to sit on the... Continue Reading →


Trigger warning: This post contains an extensive discussion of self-harm with moderate references of depression and anorexia.  its okay darling you're going to be okay / stop calling me darling all you do is lie / but darling / i said stop / darling youre drowning dont you want to breathe just listen to me... Continue Reading →

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