Play the Piano

I’ve always wanted to play the piano. When I was younger my mom tried multiple times to teach me but it never stuck. The first week of July I was watching some Twenty One Pilots piano medleys and noticed that people were talking about Tutorials by Hugo for sheet music.


I went to his Youtube channel and found out he has over 70 Twenty One Pilots piano tutorials with the option to buy sheet music. I can’t read sheet music so I’ve just been learning with the video. He has so many songs on there by many different bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boys, etc.

So far I’ve learned the easy version of Car Radio, I’m starting to work on the advanced version. I also started learning Implicit Demand for Proof which is proving to be much harder than I thought. I’m only working on the right hand at the moment and I can’t make it past the intro yet. The last song I’m working on is Heathens, it’s been the easiest so far but I haven’t added in the left hand yet.

I’ve been making myself practice at least 15 minuets a day but I usually end up spending closer to 30. It’s been a great way for me to relax and I’m hoping to keep it up when school starts again. My fingers and hands are sore but my mind is quite while I play.

How is your summer going? Have you started any new hobbies lately?


Peace Will Win


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