Special and Unique

Recently, I was feeling kind of down. I feel like my demographic is represented already in other people, and I’m a bit redundant. I didn’t feel needed or particularly wanted.

I made a post briefly describing these feelings on social media, breaking a description of myself down to a sentence or two. I figured that at most, I’d get sympathy, but nothing that helped.

Fortunately, I was half-wrong. I got sympathy, but I also got something really helpful from the comments. Basically, it was, “anyone can be boiled down to a few words. You’re the only you I know, and you’re definitely needed and wanted around!”

See, there are so many people who could be covered by a broad description, and sometimes we feel expendable. But we’re all unique and special, and the people who really love us will notice if we leave. We all bring something to the table that no one else can. Even if it’s just an encouraging word at the right time.

We’re all special and amazing. Maybe it’s your smile or the way you laugh or how excited you get over your favorite things, but whatever it is, I can promise, it’s wanted somewhere.

You are not alone.

Love, Draconic Ally.


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