Trigger warning: This post contains an extensive discussion of self-harm with moderate references of depression and anorexia. 

its okay darling you’re going to be okay / stop calling me darling all you do is lie / but darling / i said stop / darling youre drowning dont you want to breathe just listen to me / no youre trying to suffocate me / write on your skin it makes the hurt go away for a little / well thats true / see i dont lie / no lies and bruises / but darling go for a run itll clear your head / thanks that helped / now dont eat it’ll make the heavy light darling / lies / i dont lie ive helped you before darling / i guess so / now dont eat darling pretty girls don’t eat / why am i so heavy / don’t panic / im going under someone help me / punch your leg darling itll drag you out of your head / no / yes darling it’s the only way / but / just do it / wait / i said do it / i thought you lied but you were right / i told you darling i dont lie / why does it hurt so much / ill help you darling

/what have i done




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  1. Ouch. Even though certain aspects of my struggle are not identical to yours, this post describes the constant argument in my head. It’s so easy to lose ground, to fall into lies because they seem like they’ll taste better than truth, so easy to get your head twisted around so you forget which direction you were trying to go and which way is safe. I’m so sorry you have to suffer this.


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