On not bottling it up

It’s hard to speak up for yourself when you’re always being told that your problems don’t exist or aren’t valid. Or when you feel like you don’t need to speak up because other people have it worse. It’s easier just to keep it bottled up.

Your feelings are valid, though. Your pain is valid, and it’s a sign that something is wrong. And when something is wrong, you need to speak up.

It’ll be hard, especially if you have a condition that makes it feel unimportant or terrifying to speak out about yourself. Or if you know that people around you and close to you won’t accept it.

But you can’t bottle it up. Bottling up pain and stress only leads to more stress. Find a safe place. Start a new account on a site that isn’t attached to your real name. Talk to other people on the Internet. If you’re not comfortable with speaking to random strangers who might judge you, call a hotline or find a site pertaining to your issue.

And you’ll worry about it. That’s okay, that’s normal.

People will try to tell you your issue doesn’t matter. Walk away from those people and drown out their words with music and cute animals. Your issue absolutely does matter.

Find a place where you can be you and talk about your issues without being judged.

And have courage. You can do this. You are amazing and wonderful.

Love, Draconic Ally.


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