An End

Last night I stayed up way to late to finish my class awards and tape labels on to bubbles that say “You blew me away this year.”  Today is the last day of school (which is why the posts is a few hours late). In fact I’m writing this after sending the last of my students out of the classroom.


I’m full of mixed emotions right now. This was my first year teaching on my own and it was full of ups and downs. On one hand I’m so glad to have a year of experience behind me but on the other I’m kind of sad my first year is done. I’ll never have a “first year” again, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

I’m hoping next year I’ll have more confidence and my anxiety won’t be as bad. I’ve also learned so much about how I like to run a classroom. I’m very excited to start planning for next year but first I think I’ll take a nap. 

Last week I felt like today might never get here but it did. So if you are in the “home stretch” of something, I promise the end will get there. Slowly but surely. I promise. Until then keep going and don’t give up. The end is worth it.

I’m sorry this post is so short and not very helpful. Honestly, I never understood how tiring the last week of school is for teachers until this year. I have been exhausted since last Monday. I’ve had a headache since Saturday and it’s been a very long short week. I promise my next post will be much higher in quality. I’ve been working on a post for since last week for today but I just wasn’t able to finish it in time. My brain is mush and therefore useless at the moment. I’m off to get a large Dr. Pepper and a large order of fries followed by a well deserved nap.


Peace Will Win


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  1. Hey, Peace Will Win, great job on finishing out your first year of teaching! I’m glad you’ve found that you enjoy your work so much, even if it’s super exhausting. Go enjoy that Dr. Pepper, fries, and nap. You deserve it, sweetie. ❤

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