If you saw my mother and me out in public, you likely wouldn’t see us and think, “What a nice mother and daughter.”  No, you’d probably see us and label us “friends” or “sisters.”  See, she’s forty, but she can still pass for being in her twenties, and I’m sixteen and can also pass for being in my twenties.  When we interact, we don’t interact like a “normal” mother and daughter.  We laugh.  We banter.  We talk in some strange gibberish that’s a mixture of movie, book, and tv show references, Minionspeak, Cockroachspeak (if you’ve read Suzanne Collin’s Gregor the Overlander series, you’ll know what I’m talking about), with just a dash of goodness-knows-what.  It’s a language we affectionately call “Idiot,” and when we speak it, we understand perfectly what the other means.  Rather than me calling her “Mom,” and her calling me by my name, we just call each other “Precious,” which is evidence of the book/movie references that make up part of our lovely little language.  We have no concept of personal space, so we’re often caught leaning on each other and, in my case, affectionately headbutting her shoulder, much like a cat would.

Yeah.  We’re weird.  We’re keenly aware of that fact, thank you very much.

And we love it.

This wonderfully weird relationship we have didn’t develop overnight, though.  Nor did we end up really close, wake up one morning and say, “Hey, let’s be the greatest, weirdest mother-daughter team ever.”  No, our special brand of weird and dorky developed over sixteen years of being absolutely inseparable.

When I was younger, I spent a few years in a couple different private schools, but once it became apparent that they weren’t challenging enough for me, my parents decided to homeschool me.  Since Precious worked part-time jobs for part of it and stayed at home with me for the other part, that left us with a lot of time together.  Day in and day out, we were — and are — together.  When we moved again and again, met new friends, said goodbye to old ones, she and I were still together.  I really think a huge part of why we’re so inseparable now is because we got separated from so many others.  We grew so close because we knew that we could count on the other still being there another three years from now.  True, that presents the issue of what the heck she and I are going to do when I go off to college… But that’s a nightmare at least another year in the future, so I have time to not think about it.

Precious is my best friend.  If I want to hang out, I hang out with her.  If I want to play a game, I play a game with her.  If I need to talk cute boys or get something out of my system about one, she’s there to listen.  She’s Mom and Best Friend and Precious all in one.  I couldn’t ask for a better mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, Precious.


Your Beautiful Blackwater.


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