I am a chaser.

I have big dreams, and I have to be a chaser to get them.

I have always wanted to write songs and record albums and stuff… and I always doubted my abilities. I would write songs and then look at them and groan, deleting it and giving up.

But I am a CHASER.

I will chase and CATCH my dream.

Practice makes progress, so I KNOW I can get to the point I want to reach.

So, if y’all are chasers too, or want to be, here’s some tips for reaching your dream/goal:

  1. Don’t doubt your abilities. You CAN do it. You can. I know it.
  2. Don’t give up! Chasers don’t quit. They keep chasing until they catch their dream!!!
  3. Don’t listen to people who tell you you can’t do it. Or that you shouldn’t. They’re wrong.
  4. Practice practice practice! Whatever it is, practice the heck out of it, and eventually you’ll be a pro!!
  5. Have fun with it. Chasing a dream is fun, and shouldn’t stress you out.
  6. Research on how to improve!!! There’s lots of advice out there… you can find a tip or two to help you out, for sure!

Good luck fellow chasers! You guys CAN reach your goals!!!!




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