The Beauty of Rain

I like rain.


I have always liked rain, despite it being the cause of some uncomfortable colds in July.


Soft, little drizzles that just make everything a little foggy and misty and damp.


Hard, jagged pounding that soaks you through in a matter of seconds.


Rain coupled with thunderstorms that rumble right overhead, shaking you all the way through to your bones.


Rain at sunset when the sunset catches it and turns the entire world to liquid gold, pouring over me and soaking the earth in an outpouring of love.


Rain in spring time, melting the snowbanks and soaking my garden so the seeds swell and burst forth with life.


To be honest, it’s confused me sometimes when people say they hate the rain. I bask in cool, cloudy grey days. I don’t find them dreary, not even when I was struggling with depression. It was so much easier on a rainy day… Time to curl up in my bed with a book and read, with only the sounds of rain dripping off the roof to keep me company.


Rain is comfortable for me. A rainy day is my element. I like to stomp in puddles, which sometimes gets people annoyed with me – depending on how close they’re standing to my puddle stomping.


The world always smells so much better after a rain storm, especially in the summer time. It’s fresher, more vibrant, more alive and sparkling and glowing. There’s just so much more there. There’s more live there because everything has been nourished and cared for.


And it’s beautiful.






Just like you.


~Love, Butterfly Emergent~



3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Rain

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  1. Ah, yes!! I love the rain so much. One of my people (well, several of them, but one in particular) hates the rain, and I’m always like, “Whyyy?? It’s so pretty and it makes the world smell better, and without it we’d all be dead! How do you NOT love it?” He then proceeds to list all the minor inconveniences of rain, and I’m like, “But- But– It’s RAIN!!” *sigh* Truly incomprehensible. :p


  2. I love the rain! I’m not someone who always spouts on about their religion but in Islam we believe that when it rains, the heavens are open and all prayers made during rainfall are accepted. 🙂


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