We’ve made it this far

You guys have no idea how excited I am that school gets out next month. We have twenty days left, one of which is field day and another is a half day. So they might as well not count.


This school year has been my first year teaching on my own which has been exciting and stressful all at once. On one hand, it’s easier than co teaching because you have all the control but with that control comes all the responsibility. Last year I taught with another teacher and while it was good experience for me it was hard. Mostly because I kind of like to have control over things.

This year has been great but I’m so ready to be out for the summer. I’m already excited to start planning for next year. I have learned so much about what I liked this year and what worked and what didn’t, and I cant wait to implement those things and be a better teacher next year.

I’m trying to remind myself to really enjoy the next few weeks even though they are crazy and wild weeks because I will never get these days back. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in what’s happening next that we forget to enjoy what is happening now. Especially when that “now” is maybe hard to enjoy.

I’ve been able to give the kids extra time outside lately which brings me so much joy. They love being outside and I love seeing all of the chalk drawings and the smiles they all wear are pretty great too. They are so sweet and almost everyday a kid draws me a picture of my favorite animal or a picture of something we learned about.

What are some times that you find hard to enjoy? How much more school do you have left before summer? Do you have any exciting summer plans? I hope to go on a road trip and spend a lot of the summer reading.



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  1. Ah, I remember being a student and looking forward to school being out, while still looking forward to the next school year. I hadn’t thought about how it could be the same for teachers. I’m glad you enjoy teaching!


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