Strong child, bright,

you were too much.

Your strength frightened them

so they told you to be weak.

Weakness uncontrolled was more destructive

than strength not understood.

Raging, careening wildly,

thrashing and flailing,

searching for an outlet for

something you didn’t even know.

Weakness was not you, strong child.

Weakness was not you, no matter

how many times they told you

it was.

Sensitive child, bright,

you were too much.

Heart pounding and breaking,

tissue shredding itself for hurting others

when it was not your fault.

Sensitive child, being born

was not your fault.

An explosion of life hurts,

do not carve those marks in your flesh.

They are not yours.

They are not yours.

Happy child, yellow,

sunshine condensed into

compact human body.

Feet running, hands catching flowers,

you are not too happy.

They are cross and angry

but it is not because of you, happy child, bright.

Be bright. They need a ray of sunshine to

crack their anger and make them see.

Fragile child, be small and thin.

Spider silk is.

Fragile child, soft,

don’t forget that you are wanted.

Raging child, harsh,

scream your pain to the stars –

drive your hurt to the core of the Earth –

feel the wrongs done to you roll off

with the sounds of breaking chains.

Raging child, you are strong.

Be careful.

Be strong.

Child, you are


You are





Child, be.

Be you.

Be free.

Be all that you are

and do not let them hold you down

when you were made to fly.





~Love, Butterfly Emergent~


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