Don’t Listen 

Trigger Warning: Brief mention of depression, and discussion about bullying/mistreatment. 

Two weeks ago, all my friends were on spring break. I was too, but I had just gotten back from vacation, so I was just at home, working. I had a friend in NYC, a friend in London and Scotland, a friend in Costa Rica, and a friend in Hawaii… but my vacation was over.
I saw everyone’s wonderful vacations all over social media, and I was so frustrated.

See… my vacation was during the school year, so everyone was jealous of me… they didn’t wanna hear about my vacation, they didn’t care that I was behind on homework, they were all just bitter. But when my friends told their vacation stories, people thought they were so awesome. They loved to hear them, loved to see the pictures on Instagram and Facebook…

It was as if my vacation was a sin. As if I was a bad person for going on vacation.

And I listened.

One of my teachers was going around asking everyone about their spring break, and when I said “I just worked all week, but I had my spring break a few weeks ago,” he just rolled his eyes a bit and said “yeah, we already heard about your trip.”

But they didn’t. No one ever asked me.

I was so upset. Everyone was so frustrated with me for going on my trip, but they were happy for everyone else.

Don’t listen to people who put you down like that.

I listened and I was depressed about it for days.

It hurts, I totally get it. I really really do… but their opinion DOES NOT MATTER.


Forget them, you don’t deserve to be put down like that!

Ignore people who are rude to you!

They have no right to treat you like you aren’t as important as everyone else.

You are not less than the people around you.

Don’t listen to them. I swear, I understand how hard that is… but if someone is putting you down, just ignore them. They do not matter as much as you may think.

Stay strong, y’all.

Love, Ruby.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Listen 

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  1. I’m so sorry you were treated like that, Ruby. I get feeling overlooked because of circumstances, which I attribute to being homeschooled, and most people assuming that my work is easier than theirs. It isn’t. In many cases, my work is harder, but what is easier is that I don’t have to deal with all the drama. Still, though, it is what it is. I don’t let it bother me. You’re doing great, sweetie. ❤

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  2. Oh my dear, this hurts, because it’s true for so many. People are unkind, uncaring. Cruel. It can be the hardest thing ever to block out their voices, to block out their lies. Especially when their lies start to echo in your head to the tune of your voice. I’m sorry you’ve had to face this. I’m sorry people are like this.

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