Alone (Poem)



Stop yelling at me for the things that I can’t control

I’m trying

I’m trying

I’m trying


Stop leaving me because I make you uncomfortable

I’m sorry

I’m sorry

I’m sorry


Stop blaming me for being scared of being left behind

when the consistent thing in my life has been





Stop pushing my hand away when I latch onto your sleeve

and follow you like a devoted puppy

because I’m not a puppy

I’m human

I’m lost

and I’m deeply afraid







I hate being alone


– – – – – – –



To those of us who feel alone; to those of us who are outcasts and loners; to those of us who were abandoned and left – know this.


You are not alone.


We are here.


~Love, Butterfly Emergent~


7 thoughts on “Alone (Poem)

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  1. I knew this was your writing before I reached your signature at the bottom. Your voice is bright and true, I’m excited that I get to see so much of it here.
    Thank you for sharing this ❤


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