Introduction: Draconic Ally

Hello, I’m Draconic Ally. I’m a homeschooled high school student on the North American East Coast. I enjoy writing, drawing, reading, and listening to music. This is my first time writing regularly for a blog, and I hope to do my best.

My name comes from two main factors: one, that I’m obsessed with dragons; and two, that despite being white, Christian, cisgender-heterosexual, and upper-middle-class-American, or for short, privileged, I will stand up for those being oppressed. Love others as you love yourselves, et cetera. I strive to help others remember this, despite my hate of conflict.

Please let me know if something I’ve said bothers you, and I will do my best to look at it from your point of view to figure out what’s wrong. Part of being an ally, in my opinion, is working on your own views first, and then helping others with their views, so you don’t spread a skewed and offensive thought by accident. I can only do that with experience and feedback.

Love, Draconic Ally.


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  1. Draconic Ally, I quite agree with Ossuary; your determination to attempt to see things from others’ perspectives is amazing, though it can be difficult sometimes, on multiple levels. I too try my best to understand things from others’ perspectives, though sometimes it makes remembering who I am and what I believe difficult, as it’s almost easy for me to step into others’ shoes… I have to keep reminding myself of my own identity even as I understand others’.

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  2. I’m happy to see how open and supportive you are. I should strive to be more like you :3
    I live in an area where people like you are very rare and it makes things a struggle at times, but it makes me happy knowing you’re out there.
    Thank you for joining us here!


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