clanking mosaics 

trigger warning: this post contains brief mentions of self harm, abuse, anxiety, and depression.
i want nothing more than to write out the way the blood in my veins beckons me to spill it, and how i’ve kept from letting it flow out in all of it’s inky glory to this point in my life. it seemed to me, for some time, to be a logical thing to do to ease the war in my mind, but only made sense in the way that i needed to hurt physically as much as i was mentally.

see, i can’t say that my father abandoned me. he hadn’t- at least not physically. he was always there, like a ghost hiding in the corner, watching your every move, but this ghost was very real. this ghost sits in my chest to this day, reminding me of who i was, and who i killed along the way here, on my way home. this ghost chants haunting whispers every morning, telling me i will not make it through this day, that i will fall and lose everyone i love like the flesh of a burning church, that they will rot for my sins. that ghost ties me to my bed, crawls down my throat and tries to rush out again. it ties my hands behind my back, shackles my ankles to the floor so that i can’t move beyond these four walls.

i am comprised of broken pieces, like a mosaic of every shattered moment come together. i am like a clock that has lost its tick, a clock that longs to move forward, but whose hands have arthritis and don’t know how to move. there is an incessant tremble in my hands, one that rattles my bones until they clank together like metal spoons, or the beat of heavy boots on concrete floors. the sound of footsteps that pound across the floor, sounding like a rhythmic drum, coming to press the wood against my skin until i can’t stand any longer. the footsteps that make me hide in the corner and weep, clinging to the words of a song that my mother taught me to keep me calm in moments like this.
and now, footsteps cause me to run back to the corner. i listen, but they all sound like his footsteps. the ones that have loomed over my left shoulder like a cold chill in the winter for as long as i can remember. i run from everyone with rough hands and a deep voice. anyone who stands tall and cradles me in their arms. they are all him.

the words to the song of my mother stay with me. they are different now, not full of the promise dipped in grace that they once had been, but now full of an old familiarity that reminds me of a time much simpler, yet harder than this. so i am now, eleven years later, forgiving myself for letting these things go on. i forgive myself in the way i write, the way i string together a line of words, hoping, only hoping, that my stories can bring someone else as much comfort as they have brought me.

to the me that didn’t know before, i am sorry.

he is not in every person.

love, the sunless wanderer


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  1. Oh love… I hardly know what to say. You write your pain so beautifully. I hurt for you, hate that you’ve endured so much pain. Especially as I’m one of the fortunate ones that was blessed with the best relationship with my father that I could ask for. I can’t imagine what it is like to not have that support in one’s life.

    You are so strong, dear. And, despite what your past may tell you, you are loved. Please, never listen to anyone or anything that tells you otherwise.

    I’m here if ever you need someone to talk to. ❤

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  2. My dear, I am so sorry you have suffered this. Your ability to express your pain in beauty is amazing. I am so glad that you are forgiving yourself; I am learning to forgive myself too. This road hurts like breaking bones, but I am confident we can walk it together.

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  3. Thank you all! 💛 Nothing means more to me than finding that people have found some semblance of solace and beauty in my writing. All I hope to do is write in a way that makes sense and is coated with the beauty that I find in life. Thank you for all the support and kind words. 💛

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  4. I sat and stared at this reply box for a while, thinking. I’m not too sure what to say other than I feel for you, a distant ghostly father is something I know to some degree also. Your words and the way you put them will stick with me. I am intrigued to see your other content as we go on this journey together.


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